4 Gripping Crime Novels of the 21st Century

The past couple of decades of the 21st century saw the release of some nail-biting crime novels. Among these thrilling works of crime fiction, some were greatly admired by readers worldwide. Serial killers, detectives, spies, drama, and all the other aspects of crime could be found in these books.  Cold-blooded murders and page-turning plot twists […]

4 Reasons Behind the Popularity of Crime Fiction

In the Midwest, crime fiction takes up a huge share among novels of all genres. Over the years, it has won the hearts and minds of readers, regardless of their age. Right from teenagers to the elderly, many individuals enjoy reading crime fiction. The Midwest has produced some of the best authors in this particular […]

4 Fabulous Novels of Colby Marshall

A resident of Georgia, United States, Colby Marshall is a writer of crime novels. She is also a member of two international communities for writers in the genre. They are the ‘International Thriller Writers’ and ‘Sisters in Crime’. Colby writes during the day and is a ballroom dancer and choreographer by night.  Besides all of […]

5 Unusual Crime Novels You Might Have Never Read

There are some novels in the crime fiction genre that seem weird. Some of these books include elements like science fiction or horror. Often, such hybrid crime fiction novels may not gain much popularity. The literary world is abundant with crime novels that follow a certain formula.  It would be a refreshing change, therefore, to […]

4 Essential Features of Good Crime Novels

A crime novel usually has a plot that revolves around a crime and its investigation. The main characters of the novel are the ones who investigate and attempt to solve the mystery. Such books are also referred to as ‘whodunnit’ stories or crime stories.  Most of them are written from the point of view of […]

4 Best Crime Novels That Will Keep You Hooked

Crime novels focus on criminal acts and the investigations that follow the crimes. The investigations are done in them mostly by a professional detective. However, you’ll also come across crime novels where the focus is on an investigating officer from the police. Such kinds of novels can be distinguished from the other forms of mainstream […]

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