4 Gripping Crime Novels of the 21st Century

The past couple of decades of the 21st century saw the release of some nail-biting crime novels. Among these thrilling works of crime fiction, some were greatly admired by readers worldwide. Serial killers, detectives, spies, drama, and all the other aspects of crime could be found in these books. 

Cold-blooded murders and page-turning plot twists gave readers the chills. They had something for every reader of crime fiction. Here are some of the unforgettable crime novels of the 21st century:

1. Sharp Objects

This is perhaps one of the most disturbing psychological thrillers you might’ve ever come across. Written by Gillian Flynn, this book released in 2006 is a chilling crime thriller. It narrates the story of Camille Preaker, a reporter who returns to her hometown to cover a murder story. As the facts of the case are revealed, she finds herself drawn to the young victim. 

She realizes that the culprit might be a lot closer than she thinks. This novel is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The vivid descriptions of animal abuse, violence, and substance abuse might disturb you. However, if you’re truly craving for a spine-chilling crime novel, this would be an excellent treat.

2. The Lock Artist

Steve Hamilton created this intriguing crime novel when he took a break from the Alex McKnight series. Released in 2009, this book has a unique lead character, The Lock Artist. In the book, Michel is an 18-year-old boy with exceptional talent. He can pick any lock in the world. 

He hasn’t uttered a word in ten years owing to childhood trauma. This unique ability pushes him into the world of crime. This book is not just a crime thriller but a tale of curse, horror, redemption, and love. It is worth reading for being an unusual one in the world of crime thrillers.

3. Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead

This book is the very first in the Claire DeWitt series written by Sara Gran. Released in 2011, it has a sharp and engaging voice. The novel has an exciting plot and is full of adventure, mystery, humour, and an interesting backstory. In this novel, Claire claims to be the greatest detective in the world. She has learned detection from a mysterious handbook written by Jacques Silette. 

The author makes you look through the horrific post-Katrina world. You’ve taken on a thrilling journey as Claire goes to New Orleans to solve a murder case. Author Sara Gran does an excellent job of weaving several compelling stories into a single book.

4. Gone Girl

Released in 2012, this is yet another crime thriller from Gillian Flynn. It successfully captured the female rage and popularized female-driven crime novels once again. The author brings you into a dark place with her sharp writing skills. This masterpiece is hard to put down once you start reading. It begins with Amy’s disappearance on the morning of her wedding with Nick. 

He begins to show suspicious behaviour under tremendous pressure from the media and the police. If you’re someone who likes fast-paced books, this one might seem a bit slow. The novel takes its time to reveal the secrets between Nick and Amy.

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